Electricity Extension to Tumut Plains Hall

18 July 1950 The Tumut and Adelong Times

Tumut Plains - Colonel C. Anderson officially switches on lights to hall - annual call largely attended.

The annual hall of the Tumut Plains Agricultural Bureau held in the Tumut Plains Hall on Friday night last was an auspicious occasion for the local residents, for it marked the official switching on of the electricity to that part of the district under the Tumut Shire Council's plan of rural electricity extensions.

The function was largely at- tended by local dancers as well as a big following from town and other centres - Lacmalac, GocupBrungie, Batlow, Wagragobilly, Bloworing and Adelong.

The official switching-on ceremony was performed by Colonel Charles Anderson, V.C., M.H.R., who made the trip especially for the purpose; others present included the Shire President (Cr. L. E. Quarmby), consulting engineer Reg. Minahan, and Tumut electrical engineer, Mr. Hennessey. 

The hall was attractively decorated for the occasion with colored streamers draped across the hall with varied-colored and shaped balloons interspersed. 

Until the official switching on of the electric lights the old kerosene lamps were utilised for the first part of the night. 

At 10.30 p.m. a halt was called and Mr. Ron. Malone read a telegram from Mr. and Mrs. W. Keogh, ex-residents of the district, wishing the function every success and also apologies from Mr. W. F. Sheahan, local Shire Councillors and other citizens of the district.

Mr. Malone, who spoke on behalf of the Tumut Plains Agricultural Bureau, hoped everyone would enjoy themselves. 

He thanked the Shire Council and the linesmen who had been responsible for the erection of the electricity line to the Plans. 

Shire President Len Quarmby felt happy indeed to be present to witness the switching on of the electric light.

He knew it was a long time since they had first started the scheme, but many difficulties had to be overcome one by one. This was another milestone in the progress of the district. A little over three years ago the speaker had said there were two things he would like to see accomplished before he left Local Government and they were the switching on of the electricity to all the rural areas, in the Shire and the installation of a water supply at Batlow.

During the last three years extensions had been completed to Mt. Horeb, Lacmalac and Tumut Plains, with the exception of a few spur-lines; but one of the outstanding features was the amount of money which had been spent.

Up to date the Council had spent 45,000 and application had been made to raise a further loan of 15,000 to complete the work.

Cr. Quarmby said he was happy as President of the Shire to see the scheme in progress and bringing electricity to the people in the rural areas, because they were the backbone of the district and were entitled to the same amenities as the townspeople.

Had it not been for Mr. Minahan (the consulting engineer) and the electrical engineer (Mr. Hennessey) it would have been a much longer time before the lights had come to Tumut Plains.    

Colonel Anderson said he was also pleased to be present on this occasion when a necessary amenity was being brought to a district centre, which was an important step in the district's progress.

It was the rural areas which would build Australia into a great nation. The electricity had not been acquired easily, but by the public service of the Shire Council.

Much credit was also due to the skilled engineers and tradesmen who had carried out the work.

The electricity would mean a great deal to the man on the land and would also mean less drudgery for the house wife, bringing help to every home and an easing of the burden. Colonel Anderson then switched on the electricity amid applause from those present. 

Dancing then continued in much brighter surroundings. The dance music was supplied by Tom Hilly's Band and extras were played by Mr. and Mrs. M. St. C. McInnes,

Mrs. K. Heydon, Mr. H. Crampton and Mr. W. Patrick. A lucky spot dance was won by Miss Margery Garner and partner. 

Mrs. F. Malone and Mrs. H. Crampton were in charge of the energetic band of ladies who provided the very excellent supper, comprising sandwiches, cakes, frank-furts and fruit salad. 

Messrs. F. Malone and E. Curll were in charge of the door, where takings amounted to 40. Proceeds of the function go towards the hall fund. 

The secretarial duties of the ball were capably carried out by Messrs. Ron. Malone and Harry Crampton.

Discharged from the Gundagai hospital last week, Mr. Ev. Hayes, manager of 'Red Hill' station, who recently was injured in a car accident.

In the smash in which Mr. Hayes was injured, he narrowly escaped losing the sight of one of his eyes, as a piece of timber inflicted a nasty wound midway between them.