Excursion of Discovery

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

22 May 1813

On Tuesday the 10th instant, a party, consisting of Lieutenant Lawson, of the Veteran Company; Mr. G. Blaxland, and Mr. W. C. Wentworth, attended by four servants, set out from Emu Island on an excursion of discovery, intending to proceed in a south-westerly direction on the north side of the Western River, which track had not before been attempted.

Provided with every necessary for a six weeks journey, and prudentially taking with them four sumpter horses, they parted company with a gentleman at Emu Island early in the afternoon, in full spirits, with a determination to make every possible exertion in their power towards exploring the interior of this extensive country, in the above direction; and we trust that so spirited an undertaking will be productive of advantage to the Colony, and entitle the Gentlemen engaged in it to the thanks of its inhabitants.