Expedition towards the Murray from Adelaide

South Australian Register

22 June 1839

The Surveyor General started on Monday on an expedition towards the Murray [from Adelaide].

We believe, the principal object of his journey is to inspect the boundaries of the numerous special surveys in that direction, preparatory to their being surveyed, and to lay down a line of road in that direction.

The drays, &c., started on Saturday, in charge of Mr. Calder, one of the surveyors.

Mr Gould, the celebrated South Australian ornithologist, accompanied the Surveyor General, and we have no doubt, will add greatly to the Natural History of the colony.

An extensive stockholder in the vicinity of Yass is about sending five thousand sheep overland to South Australia.

It is calculated that the journey from the former to the latter place, with sheep and cattle, can be performed in two months, providing the season is not unfavourable.

Australian, May 14.