Fatal Accident at Adelong

Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post

29 November 1907

A sad accident happened on Monday night last, resulting in the death of a very old inhabitant of Adelong.

Mrs. Margaret [see below] Cheetham and her son in law, William Ballard, were driving home in a sulky about | past 5 and when about a third or the way down

Racecourse road hill, and about of a mile from her residence, the horse got the reins under its tail, commenced to play up and buck, and finally bolted.

Mrs. Cheetham tried to jump out, and in spite of the efforts of her son-in-law to restrain her which was a difficult task as he was hampered with his efforts to control the horse, she did jump out just missing the step of the sulkey and falling on the back of her head on the hard road, the wheel of the sulkey passing over her breast and right arm.

Mr. Ballard succeeded in pulling up the horse within a hundred yards, and on going back found his mother-in-law unconscious.

Messengers were at once sent into town for the ambulance and the doctor, but when the ambulance reached the spot it was decided not to use it, on account of the bad state of the road, so Messrs King, W. Boston and Donovan placed the unfortunate woman on the stretcher and carried her down to her residence, when she died within an hour of the arrival of Dr. Cook.

The Inquest. An inquest was held at the residence on Tuesday morning by Coroner A. W. Molineaux. Wm. Ballard, son:in:law of the de ceased, gave evidence of the accident as set out above.

Wm Cheetham deposed he was the husband of Margaret Cheetham, deceased, who was 63 years of age and they had 11 children.

He was on the spot where the accident happened within of an hour when he found his wife unconscious, and she died shortly after being brought home.

Dr. Cook deposed he was on the spot within an hour of the accident and found the deceased unconscious and suffering from concussion of the brain, which could have been caused by a fall from a sulkey.

He saw at once that the case was hopeless.

Nevertheless, he did what he could to relieve her, but she remained unconscious until she died about an hour after he arrived.

The Coroner returned a verdict in accordance with the medical testimony.

The funeral took place on Tuesday afternoon, the remains being followed to the grave by a large number of   relatives and friends.

The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs Boston. Bros.

Tuesday 3 December 1907. In our report of the fatal accident last Monday week, the victim was Mary Cheetham, not Margaret, and the deceased's husband John Cheetham.