The Visy Column

February 18, 2000 Tumut & Adelong Times

A regular report by the Tumut Shire Community Consultative Group

As outlined in the previous column, the Visy Community Consultative Committee has developed from the planning approvals for the project.

The last meeting was held on Thursday, February 3, in Tumut. Committee members and contact numbers are listed below- anyone with questions or concerns is able to contact a member of the Committee. The existing general Visy number for enquiries is o2 6947 3714. A new, permanent number will be advised in the next monthly column.

New business included a detailed review of the project Construction Environmental Management Plan. Main discussion items included querying RTA if any progress had been made on Snowy Mountains Highway works near Adelong, plus some follow-up of local traffic management. Visy's fire tender shall be delivered by the end of February.

A process of informal transfer of information has been established between Visy and the Committee. Committee members are then able to communicate any questions or concerns back to the wider Tumut Shire.

Recent work on-site includes the completion of bored pier foundations for the support of the boilers and main paper machine, continuation of the main access road, and commencement of the concrete slab for the boilers. Steel delivery for the boilers shall occur in late February, with erection of the steel to commence in mid-March.

The main mechanical installation will not be until later this year, with the overall construction period, expected to be until mid-2000.

Members of the Consultation Committee, with their contact details, are as follows:

Ben Dumbrell, Shire Council, phone 6947 2110, fax 6947 2726, mobile 0417 262 330.

Louise Halsey, Broader Tumut Community, phone 6947 3208, fax 6947 3208, mobile 0419 619 128.

Jervis Hayes, Neighbours of Visy, phone 6946 2064, fax 6946 2439.

Mike Hudson (Chairman), Gilmore Progress Association, phone 6947 5258, fax 6947 5281, mobile 0411 552 240.

Mark Lipscombe, Adelong Progress Association, phone 6946 2254, fax 6946 2254.

Paul Mullins, Shire Management, phone 6947 0530, lax 6947 2141, mobile 0419 477, 812.

Gerry Proft, Tumut, phone 6947 2279.

Ian Robson, Tumut Shire Landcare, phone 6946 4200, fax 6946 4200, mobile 018 695 852.

Robert Waugh, Visy, phone (03) 9247 4344, fax (02) 6947 5315 mobile 0418 506397.

Chris Davidson, Visy, phone (03) 9247 4476, fax (02) 6947 5315, mobile 0418 354 835.

Visy Office Tumut, phone 6947 3714.