Low Concentrations Of Blue Green Algae In Burrinjuck Dam

February 22, 2000 Tumut and Adelong Times

The Department of Land and Water Conservation recently undertook a visual inspection and collected samples from Burrinjuck Dam, and following analysis, a low alert has been issued for the main basin of the dam.

The remaining parts of the dam were assessed and remain free from blue green algae and other species of nuisance algae.

The storage levels have dropped over the last two weeks so that an assessment of the inflows is logistically difficult, however some results indicate that wind swept inlets could have elevated concentrations of blue green algae.

"We can expect algal problems to persist as the dry and warm sunny conditions continue," said Mr Justin Nancarrow, Water Quality Officer.

"The low algal concentrations in the main basin arc likely to persist if the warm, dry conditions continue over the autumn months and probably will not disperse until there is heavy rain or an extended period of cold and windy weather. No significant rain has been predicted in the immediate future, and due to the warm temperatures we can expect lingering or worsening algal problems."

The public is being advised to be on the look out for algae particularly if warm weather persists, and to avoid areas where there arc obvious green or yellow slicks on the water surface.

Those planning to visit Burrinjuck Dam need not cancel plans, but should contact local park managers for algal warning signs and information at the resorts.

Anglers should ensure any fish caught are well cleaned, and that only the muscle flesh is eaten, as livers and stomachs may contain algal toxins.

Yabbies should not be eaten due to the possibility of toxin contamination.

Dogs should be kept away from algal blooms, as they arc especially susceptible to toxins.

The Department says it will continue to monitor the situation.