First Car to Ascend Mt. Talbingo

Albury Banner and Wodonga Express

26 January 1906

Mountain Motoring.

Through Tumut to Kiandra. Mr. G. Hoskins, of Sydney, with a family party reached Kiandra on Thursday, 18th inst., with his touring car.

The party left Sydney on 10th January, passing through Mount Victoria, Grenfell, Cootamundra, Wagga, and Tumut making good   progress towards Eden.

On 17th instant the residents on the Tumut side of Mt. Talbingo viewed with interest the ascent of the mountain the car holding the record as the first to climb the eminence from the long steep Tumut side.

In spite of the grades and the almost unpassable roads, the car, which, with its seven passengers and luggage, weighs less than 2 ton 7 cwt. landed its occupants in good style at the Yarrangobilly Caves, the lowest climbing speed being 9 miles per hour.