Flood at Gundagai

Empire, Sydney

20 July 1853

On the 12th Instant the unfortunate township of Gundagai was visited by another dangerous and destructive flood.

In consequence it is supposed, of the heavy accumulation of waters in the Tumut, the Murrumbidgee rose on this occasion at Gundagai, upwards of three feet higher than the fatal flood of last year.

 Happily, no life, as far as is known, has been sacrificed, but all means of communication with the lower part of the river has been stopped, so that it is impossible to say what has really occurred.

The flood came up the township during the daytime, thus allowing the inhabitants to make provision for the safety of their lives, unlike the last awful deluge which burst upon a community of sleepers in the dead of the night.

Considerable property has been destroyed.

The home and stables of Sheahan, the mail contractor with hay and forage laid in for his horses have been swept away, and others of whom we have no particulars have been equal sufferers.

Near Yass the Murrumbidgee has risen to within a few inches of the highest rise last year, and at Jugiong to about the same level, but in no instance is there any authenticated account of loss of life.

The next mail will probably bring more particulars.