Gundagai Council Protests Against Bridge at Jugiong

28 February 1951 Cootamundra Herald

The proposal to build a low level bridge across the Murrumbidgee at Jugiong, was submit-ted to the Gundagai Council, by the Demondrllle Shire Council, but, however, the Gundagai Shire turned the scheme down flat.

The letter suggested that the bridge would improve the trans-port facilities and open up a vast area of land on the southern side of the river, besides opening up a scenic drive to Tumut via Adjungbilly.

The Harden council was of the opinion that the proposed work would be of much greater benefit to the Gundagai Council than the Demondrille Shire, and should be looked upon as a national work.

The Demondrille Shire asked that Gundagai give the scheme its wholehearted support. Cr. J; Crowe said he would be opposed to the scheme as there was already a highway to carry all the traffic. 'It would not be in the interests of this Shire to put the bridge in.' Cr. Attwood said he was totally opposed to it, and moved that no action be taken. Cr. Crowe seconded, and the motion was carried.

Gundagai O.K's. Jugiong Bridge

24 April 1951 Cootamundra Herald

Motion To Be Rescinded.

The Dernondrille Shire Council President, Cr. W. M. Ross, attended last meeting of the Gundagai Shire Council to plead for a rescision of the local councillors' attitude towards the proposal to construct a low level bridge over the Murrumbidgee River at Jugiong.

In addressing the meeting, Cr. Ross at the outset, emphasised that the Demondrille Shire was not after financial assistance from Gundagai, but desired the Council's support in an approach to the Government to have the work declared a nation-al development project.

Cr. Ross told the meeting that the proposal had first been suggested by the Jugiong Progress Association.

That organisation considered it would open up vast areas of land.

The speaker said he was an advocate for closer settlement and pointed out that this bridge would open up land which could settle many land seekers. Cr. Ross pointed out the dire need for more production, saying that if the present birth rate continued and the flow of migrants continued, by 1960 we would have a population of 11 millions and to feed this number, pig meat production would have, to be increased by 73 per cent; and beef by 40 per cent.

Cr. Ross appealed to Councillors to re-consider their previous decision and give their moral support to the Demondrille Shire in having the work declared a national developmental project.

Cr. Attwood, remarking on Cr. Ross' address, told, the meeting that only the previous Sunday he was up in that district trout fishing and was amazed to see the countless acres of rich river flats growing nothing else than cabbage thistles.

Cr. McHugh said he was very pleased to note the Demondrille President's attitude towards closer settlement.

After Cr. Ross had left the meeting, Cr. Attwood told his colleagues that he intended to move for the rescission of the previous motion whereby the Gundagai Shire would take no action in the matter.

Gundagai Council Now in Favor of Jugiong Bridge

21 May 1951Cootamundra Herald

The Gundagai Council will now support the proposal to have a low level bridge constructed at Jugiong, as a national development work. At notice of recision of a previous motion which decided that no action would be taken, was before the, council meeting, and was carried unanimously.