Gilmore Football Club

Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post

19 June 1900

A meeting of the members of the Gilmore Football Club was held at Mrs. Downing's Killarney Hotel on Saturday night last, when a fair number of members attended. The Vice President of the Club (Mr. J. W. Moon) occupied the chair, and briefly explained that the object of the meeting was to elect two delegates to attend a meeting to take place in Tumut, on Wednesday next, for the purpose of making arrangements for the competition of the "Cup" presented by Mr. W. D. P. O'Brien.

It was decided at a previous meeting that the Club should compete for the cup. On the motion of Messrs. G. Simmers and Jno. Sullivan it was resolved that:- Messrs. J. W. Moon and Fred. O'Brien be the delegates to the meeting in question. It was also decided to change the colours of the Club from navy blue to red white and blue.