Good Work by Machinery Pools

6 April 1945 Daily Examiner (Grafton)

Sydney, Thurs. - A contemplated award for operatives and additional equipment for, co-operative pools of agricultural machinery now operating in N.S.W. were discussed at a conference in Sydney today of officers associated with the pool scheme. 

There are now five major machinery pools in N.S.W., and these serve, big agricultural areas, of which Cowra, Leeton, Guyra, Bathurst and Batlow are the centres. 

The capital cost of the machinery in the pools is 106.000.

All types of machinery necessary for the particular production needs of the districts concerned are available for hire to producers from pools, and the Minister for Agriculture, Mr. Scully, said to-night it was impossible to assess the actual contribution which had been made, to food production in the Commonwealth by the establishment of the pools.