Grant Of Land to James Hannibal Rose

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

12 March 1839

Colonial Secretary's Office, Sydney, 2nd March, 1839.  

The following description of Grants of Land with the names of the parties to whom they were originally promised, or by whom they are now claimed, are published for general information in order that all parties concerned may have an opportunity of correcting any errors or omissions that may have been made inadvertently.

It is requested that within three months from the   present date the particulars required by the Government Notice of 1st October, 1338, may be accuratily furnished to this office:-

Surname and Christian names of the person in whose favour the Deed is to be prepared, written at full length, his residence and the intended name of the properly

Also (if required in any name but that of the original Promisee) the grounds of the claim and a letter from the said Promisee, if living, and from all intermediate assigns if any, giving his and their consent and sanction thereto and witnessed by a magistrate, or by a Solicitor of the Supreme Court.

If these be duly furnished and satisfactory, and if no caveate be lodged, or other causes of uncertainty   appear the Deed will be prepared accordingly, as soon as possible after the expiration or slated period of three months.

If the required particulars be not furnished within   that period, or if a caveat be lodged or other cause   of uncertainty arise which cannot be satisfactorily determined by the Government, the case will be referred to the Commissioners of Claims, and the parties subjected to the expense of that proceeding. ......... ........

County Unnamed.

118 James Hannibal Rose Twelve hundred and eighty acres parish unnamed at Tumut, commencing at a marked box tree on the Goubaragandra River.

Promised by Sir Ralph Darling on the 11th of February, 1830, and possession authorised on 17th May and confirmed 23rd September following as a Primary Grant.  

Quit-rent 10.13s.4d. per annum, commencing 1st January, 1838.