Grants and Leases

Public Notice. Surveyor General's Office, Sydney,

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

25th August, 1821.

Notice is hereby given, that, to the undermentioned Persons, will be ready for Delivery, at this Office, on Monday the 27th August; and Persons, who do not apply for their Grants within One Month from that Date, will be considered as having relinquished all Claim to the Land measured to them; the Grants will consequently   be cancelled and allotted to such Persons having Orders for Land, as may make Applications for the same.

Grants.—Thos. Adams, J. Beattie, Edwin Booker, Pat. Byrne, Dan. Bryan, Wm. Blower, Thos. Bowden, Wm. Broker, H. Baldwin, Thos. Bristow, Wm. Bell, Thos. Blady, Wm. Bland, Wm. Burgin, Jas. Cowell, Wm. Carrol, Wm. Cox, sen. Wm. Cordeaux, Thos. Clarke, Wm. Clarke, J. Crawley, Wm. Carver, Thos. Carnes, Wm. Christey, Mich. Cantwell, G. Cribb, Colebee (Black Native), Rd. Dunn, John Drummond, Mich. Dwyer, Pat. Downing, Wm. Dye, Jos. Fitton, Wm Foster, Mich. Fitzgerald, Edward Fuller, Thos. Fuller, Rowland Fairweather, Edward Flaherty, Rd. Freeman, Rd. Freeman, Rd. Gilbert, J. Griffiths, Eliz. Gray, Sam. Garsides, Thos. Gosport, jun. J. Gregory, Thos. Graham, Thos. Gorman, John Goldsmith, Henry Henry, Wm. Henry, Saml. Howel, Wm. Hathaway, Jas. Hackito, J. Hopkins, Jas. Han- kinson, J. Harris, Hamilton Hume, J. Jones, James Jenkins, David Jennings, Wm, Jones, Hugh Kelly, Dan. King, J. Kelly, Jas. Knell, H. Kable, G. Kable, H. Kable, J. Kennedy, Matthew Lock, Win. Lvsett, Arch. M'coll, Sam. Midgely, Dan. McNally, James Mileham, Edw. McDonald, G. Mills, Saml. Moulds, Wm. Maughan, J. Murphy, Ferdinand Meurant, Owen Martin, Alex. McDougall, J. Mash, J. McManus, Thos. Markwell, J. Meyreck, Wm. Meyreck, Joseph Meyreck, J. Meyreck, Rd. Martin, Giles Wm. Moore, Pat. McCan, H. Neale, Mich. Nowland, H. Nowland, J. Norton, Nat. Norton, Jas. Norton, Edw. Neale, Isaac Nichols, H. Oliver, Jas. Oliver, J. Pye, sen. G. Panton, Thos. Wm. Parr, Rd. Rouse, Mary Reibey, Edw. Reynolds, J. Rose, J. Rd. Rouse, J. Richmond, James Smith, Jas. Smith, John Smith, Jos. Sexton, Jas. Sherrard, Joseph Smith, Wm. Smith, Wm Scott, H. Sheppy, Ii. Sells, Wm. Slade, Jas. Scott, Wm. Tindale, Robt. Tomlinson, Sam. Terry, Dan. Tindall,   Dr. Robt. Townson, J. Vardy, Jos. Vertillo, Wm. Wright, Rd. Wall, Thos. Wilson, Isaac Wood, John Wilkes, J. Wood, Edmond Wright, William Warby, Christopher Ward, David Whittaker, Lucy Wood, Robert Yeoman, and George Yeoman.

By Command of His Excellency the Governor, J. Oxley, Surveyor General.