Great South Road Meeting

14 June 1842 The Sydney Herald

At a Meeting held at Campbelltown Courthouse, on Saturday, the 26th of Match last, pursuant to advisement, James Garland, Esq., in the chair, the following resolutions were unanimously carried:

Proposed by John Scarr, Esq., and seconded by W. R. Kenny, Esq , M. D.:

1. That this Meeting, sensible of the great advantages which would arise to the southern districts generally from opening the new route, and being aware that that portion of it through Broughtons Pass is already tendered passable, deems it expedient to continue the work (by permission of Government), so as to open the way at least us a bridle road, to Lupton's, Inn, in order that the merits of the line, as a great road, may be made more apparent to the Government, and thus conduce to its more speedy completion in a substantial manner.

Proposed by Mr. John Hurley, and seconded by Mr. James Graham:

2. That subscription papers, accompanied by these resolutions, be sent with the least possible delay to the various southern districts, to obtain the necessary resources for the undertaking.

Proposed by W. R. Kenny, Esq,M.D., and seconded by Captain Christmas:

3. That in order to conduct the work more expeditiously and systematically, a committee be appointed, consisting of a secretary, treasurer, and members.

Proposed by Mr. John Bray, and seconded by Mr. John Warby:

4. That tenders be received for provisioning the men, and that all disbursements on this, as well as on every other account connected with the work, be approved of by at least two of the Committee, before they be paid by the treasurer.

Proposed by Captain Christmas, and seconded by W.R. Kenny, Esq., M.D.:

5. That the sum of 200 at least be paid to the treasurer, before the work be commenced.

Proposed by John Scorr, Esq., and seconded by Mr. James Graham:

6. That the committee of members shall consist of the following persons, to whose discretion all minor arrangements will be left, namely:

Captain Christmas, James Garland, Esq., D. M'Lean, Esq , J. P. R. Hope, Esq., M. D. F. R. Hume, Esq., Mr. John Hurley, secretary and treasurer.

Proposed by W. R. Kenny, Esq., M D., and seconded by Captain Christmas:

7. That a vote of thanks be returned to James Garland, Esq , for his gentlemanly conduct in the chair.

Messrs. Campell and Scarr will receive, at their office, Hunter street, subscriptions from those gentlemen and landed proprietors, interested in the Great South Road, residing in Sydney, who are disposal to aid by their subscriptions the funds required for the above purposes.

John Hurley, Secretary.