Grill Estate Mill

7 August 1914 The Tumut and Adelong Times

The management of Grill's Estate have just placed an order with Messrs. Thomas Robinson & Sons, Rochdale, England, for two new place sifters, and other machinery, to completely remodel their Snow Cliff Flour Mills at Tumut, and which will, when installed for the coming milling season, enable twice the present output to be put through - that is the capacity will be just doubled.

The increasing popularity of the Snow Cliff brand of flour has made it very difficult to turn out sufficient with the present plant, and the mill has been working so strongly this season that the last year's wheat has already been all milled, and several parcels brought from down the line, the last purchased, owing to the war influence, being at a very high price but the stock had to be kept up.

The new machinery will put the plant on an equal footing as regards up-to-dateness, with the best and biggest mills in the State, and will be worked full time. It is pleasing to note the support given the local mill, which is a decided benefit to the district and will be more so on the carrying out of these alterations.