Gundagai Casting at the Fitzroy Iron Mines

28 February 1865 The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser

The directors of the Fitzroy Iron Works Company received information yesterday morning of the successful casting of one of the cylinders for the piers of the Gundagai bridge.

The work was, performed on Thursday last, in the presence of his Excellency Sir John Young, Lady Young, and Mr. Turville, who spent the whole of the afternoon in looking over the works, and who appeared to take much interest in the operations that were going on, noticing the progress that had recently been made.

The cylinder cast is six feet in length and six feet in diameter, the iron is 1 1/8 inch in thickness.

There will be altogether fifty-six castings required, each of which will weigh from 2¼ to 2½ tons.

The Gundagai bridge is to consist of four piers, with three openings of one hundred feet; preparations are now being made for the reception of the piers.

An officer of the Roads Department recently visited the Fitzroy mines, and has expressed his satisfaction with the quality of the iron.

Much importance is attached to the work now commenced; this being the largest casting of iron yet made, and also as the first application of our iron to cylinders for bridge piers.

The remainder of the cylinders are to be at once proceeded with.

S. M. Herald, Feb. 25.

This news was widely reported

(from Tasmania to Rockhampton).