Gundagai Report

The Sydney Morning Herald

17 June 1848

June 13. - Since the date of my last we have had a very heavy fall of rain, which continued incessantly for several days and nights, filling all the water courses, and flooding the creeks and rivers. Gundagai was once again an island during two days. We presume the floods have been heavy towards Sydney, as there was no mail thence to Yass on Monday, the 5th instant, and in consequence we got double bags on Friday last.

The effects of the rain have been to check the progress of catarrh in the various flocks affected, and to cause an autumnal spring, if I may be allowed so to say. The country has thrown off its russet covering, and assumed a cheering mantle of green, which rejoices the eye in every direction. Frosty nights, however, materially check vegetation, which otherwise, under the influence of a bright sun and cloudless skies, would progress rapidly.

Mr. Peter Stuckey, of Williplomer, had 150 sheep drowned in the flood, in consequence of the gross carelessness of the shepherd; and this is the only casualty I have heard of.