Gundagai (From our Correspondent)

11 October 1866 The Tumut and Adelong Times  

October 8th.

A day or two ago I paid a visit to the Bridge Works, and was agreeably surprised to see nine cylinders on the ground, which were being painted, a plan which is invariably adopted prior to being fixed in their proper position.

I was much pleased with the handsome appearance of that portion already erected; the design combines ornament as well as strength, and when completed will more resemble an ornamental structure than a strong, durable, and useful bridge, which it undoubtedly will be when completed.

The snagging party have commenced to build another barge, which I hear is to be the last that they will require.

 It is to be hoped that we shall soon witness these boats in motion.

Mr. E. G.Brown, M.L.A., has promised, when he arrives in Sydney, to make every enquiry relative to the navigation of this river, and to inform us of the result as soon as circumstances will permit.

The inhabitants of Gundagai are pretty resolute in this matter, and will, if necessary hold public meeting and forward a numerously signed memorial to the proper quarter, in which the inhabitants of North and South Gundagai, Tumut, Adelong, Wagga Wagga, Yass, and other districts will be invited to join.

At present we are unanimous on the subject it being no religious or political matter, but one affecting the interests of all.

As unity is strength it is resolved to agitate until our desires are complied with.

No one will gainsay that this vast district does not promise to be the principal granary of the colony, and the sooner it is publicly known the batter.