Gundagai  News

27 October 1849 The Goulburn Herald and County of Argyle Advertiser

Gundagai Deaths from Drowning

Last month we had a great deal of rain, which did not cease until the bank of the river and its tributaries were overflowed.

During the continuance of the flood two persons lost their lives in attempting to cross the river.

The one was Henry Barber, a blacksmith at Darby-Lara, who drifted down the stream in a boat with such rapidity, that his head came in contact with a tree before he could save himself.

The collision threw him overboard, and he sunk to rise no more.

His remains were found some time since about thirty miles down the river, but in so advanced a stage of decomposition, that he was identified only by his clothes.

The other was a man named Daniel M'Garvie, he was drowned in a creek, on his road home from Gundagai.

His body has likewise been recovered and interred.

 Sudden Death

A man named Moore, many years a constable, and for some time past stationed at this place, died rather suddenly, at the station of Mr. Smith, J.P., Mingay.

The deceased was considered to be a man of such bad principles that during his illness no one would give him lodgings here, nor means to obtain medical assistance.

He was removed to Mingay, where he died.

His un-regretted fate should act as a warning to "the cloth" to do no more than their duty, and to speak the truth and nothing but the truth.

The Weather

 Summer has set in here in right good earnest. Grass is abundant, and the wheat crop looks well.

A few showers would be acceptable to the gardens.

The fruit trees indicate great promise of abundant crops, if we may judge from the blossoms they have borne.

The Punt

In your paper of the 20th, you notice that the ferry at the crossing-place here is to be let.

This proceeding on the part of the Government we deem unjust.

If enterprising men have advanced into the remote interior, and constructed punts much to the convenience of travellers, why should the Government want to have the benefit of their capital and industry?

I am happy to hear that the proprietor of the punt at Albany would not bid, and all owners of private punts should follow his example.

If the Government wish to let punts, let them build them themselves, and not take advantage of private industry. October 22.