Gundagai at an End?

The Sydney Morning Herald

29 January 1845

The correspondence betwixt the Governor and Mr. Bingham, on the subject of the removal of Gundagai, has been placed in my hands, with a request from the inhabitants that you would give it publicity: Commissioner's Office, Tumut River, November 4, 1844.


I do my self the honour to submit for His Excellency the Governor's consideration, that from the late floods in this part it would be highly essential to the future welfare and advancement of the township of Gundagai to have a surveyor sent up to lay out part of the township on the south bank of the Murrumbidgee River, on moderate high ground well adapted for building on, and some few allotments might be laid out north and by east of the present township, giving the parties who have now allotments in the recently flooded land, allotments on the high land.

The water was from four to live feet deep in the huts at Gundagai, and parties suffered severe losses of property, and with a prospect of similar inundation, all chance of the advancement of Gundagai as an inland township in its present site I would say is at an end, as no person would now think of purchasing allotments for building in such a precarious situation.

 I have the honour to be, &c.,

Henry Bingham.