Gundagai to Tumut Railway

The Sydney Morning Herald

3 July 1896

Mr. Travers Jones, M L A., introduced a deputation from Tumut to the Minister for Works yester- day asking that the railway line should be extended   from Gundagai to Tumut. The deputation was accompanied by Messrs. Lvne, Dacey, Law, Kelly, R. Jones, Schey, Rigg, and Neild, Ms L.A.: The purpose of the deputation having been expressed.

The Minister for Works, in reply, said that he had been very much impressed with the fertility and richness of the Tumut district.

Before the present session of Parliament commenced he was strongly impressed with the importance of submitting this line to the Public Works Committee, but he regretted to say that the inquiries that he had made were not satisfactory as to the amount of produce that the line would carry, There would not be more produce carried than there was at the present time from Gundagai.

He knew that it would be said that if the railway was built there would be a substantial increase, but it was expected that the inhabitants of the district would show that that would really occur.

The cost of the proposed line was 4986 per mile, and that was on a reduced scale. He would look further into the probability of the line paying, and then he would submit to the Cabinet whether he should place it before the Public Works Committee or not.