Hamilton Hume Apprehends Villain

The Monitor, Sydney

12 July 1828

Stone Quarry Creek, 23rd June, 1828.

To the Editor of the Monitor.


As Mr. George Barber, (son-in-law to the late Charles Throsby, Esq.) was returning from Appin to Argyle, and when about 3 or 4 miles the other side of this place, he was fired at by a bushranger and plundered of all he had about his person, and what property he had in his gig.

The unfortunate gentleman now lies at Major Antill's, and is attended by Doctor Elyard, who thinks he may yet recover. From the description of the ruffian, as given by Mr. B. it is supposed that " Welsh," one of the Appin desperadoes, is the man who perpetrated the diabolical deed.

As soon as the mournful event was communicated to the Messrs. Hume, they started in pursuit of the villain. The gun was charged with a ball and several slugs.

The ball went through and carried a way the flesh from off the upper part of the arm, and four of the slugs are lodged in different parts of his back; two other slugs were driven nearly two inches into the top rail of the gig.

I am, Sir, Your humble Servant, A Settler.

P. S.--I have just been informed, that Mr. Hamilton Hume has succeeded in apprehending the villain Welsh, upon whose person were found several of the articles of the property taken from Mr. Barber.