Hamilton Hume Grant Claimed by Others

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

26 December 1833

Colonial Secretary's Office, Sydney, 24th December, 1833.

The undermentioned Grants of Land, advertised, on the dates specified, in the names of the original Donors, with a view to the preparation of Deeds, having been claimed by other Parties;- Notice is hereby given to all Persons concerned, that the papers in the respective cases have been transmitted, for examination and report, to the Commissioners appointed under the Act of the Governor and Council, 4 Gul. IV., No. 9, for hearing and determining upon claims to Grants of Land in the Colony of New South Wales, to whom the respective Parties are now referred.

Notice of 10th January, 1831. ..... 

132. Hamilton Hume. Grant No. 43 - Claimants, Berry and Wollstonecraft ....

Notice of 22d July. By Command of His Excellency the Governor, Alexander M'leay.