Hamilton Hume Land Grant for 1824 Expedition

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

6 June 1833

(Copy of) The New South Wales Government Gazette. Published By Authority.

Hamilton Hume, 1,200, Twelve hundred Acres, Parish unnamed; bounded on the South-east by a portion of Crookhaven River, commencing at its junction with Crookhaven Creek, 20 chains Easterly alone its banks; on the South-west and West by Crookhaven Creek; on the North by part of Messrs. Berry and Wollstonecraft's purchase, bearing East 55 chains to the West side of Wollstonecraft's primary Grant, thence by a line South 58 chains, and a line East 140 chains; and on the East by a line South 122 chains, to where it commences at Crookhaven River.

Promised by Sir Thomas Brisbane on 25th July, 1825. Quit-rent one peppercorn per annum, being in compensation for an Exploring Expedition to the Southward in 1824.

By Command of His Excellency the Governor,

Alexander M'Leay.