Hamilton's Rocks

The Sydney Morning Herald

7 October 1912


Early Exploration. Goulburn. Saturday.

The Bungonia and District Progress Association, which is considering a proposal to celebrate the centenary of the arrival of Hamilton Hume and party in the district, has not yet obtained all the information desired as to the date of the explorers' visit.

The Historical Society fixes the date of Hume's first visit at 1813, which is supported by information from other sources.

It is stated that the reason why an outcrop in the district is called Hamilton's Rocks is that Hamilton Hume stood on the rocks one morning when breaking up camp and said to his men: "Well, boys, we will never live to see a settlement in this part, as it will be 100 years before a settlements reaches here."

The explorer was very wide of the mark as the settlers came five or six years later, the first being a family named Mitchell, relatives of Hume.

A member of the Hume family has promised to be present at the celebration of the centenary.