Henry Goulburn

The Sydney Morning Herald

21 January 1922


It may be as well in the interests of accuracy, to correct two of the statements made by Mr Colwell in his otherwise very interesting article on Henry Goulburn.

In the first place, it was not Macquarie who named Goulburn Plains. Macquarie's own journal as well as much other evidence, shows that they were so named two years earlier, by Surveyor Meehan, the first discoverer.

Macquarie named Breadalbane Plains, but left Meehan's name alone.

In the second place, Henry Goulburn's connection with Australia began long before he was member for West Looe. He was Under-Secretary for the Colonies from August, 1812, to December, 1821; his first official letter to Macquarie is dated "25th September, 1812."

Goulburn Vale, on Liverpool Plains, is also named after him, but the two Goulburn Rivers (in New South Wales and Victoria, respectively) are named after his younger brother, Frederick, who, in 1820, became Colonial Secretary of New South Wales.

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