Hermit of The Bush  

8 February 1949 The Dubbo Liberal and Macquarie Advocate 

There was a pathetic scene at Tumut over the week-end when a 92-year-old man left the Argalong scrub behind him.   

He has been out in those wild parts from civilization for 23 years, coming to town only very infrequently. 

His sons had asked the police   to locate him and when they did they accompanied officers to meet him. 

The old chap was very hazy about his past. 

"I had two sons and it may have been in the last war they said", but police corrected him and said: "No, they were your two brothers." 

“Yes," insisted the old man, "I had two sons and it may have been the last war they were killed."   

One of the boys piped up and said: "No, Dad, we're not dead. I'm your son Frank."   

The old gentleman admitted later: "I've only cried twice in my life, when, I saw Frank yesterday and when my pony died a few months ago."