Hobart Town Extract re William Warby

1 November 1837 The Sydney Monitor

We are extremely happy to learn, that several persons near Oatlands have been taken into custody, and were found in the very act of dressing sheep, which had been stolen from Mr. James Lord.

It may be recollected that some little time since the True Colonist attacked one William Warby, for no other reason than this man being assigned to the service of Mr. Pollard, who had long resided, with Mr George Dudfield.

Warby, being unfortunately a prisoner of the Crown, had no remedy, and in consequence of what appeared in the Colonist, charging him with having stolen sheep, the property of Mr James Lord, the Government listened to the insidious tale, and Warby was removed to a distant road party, torn from his wife and two infants, and Mrs. Warby again enceinte.

The family was left destitute; Pollard's farm was situated adjacent to two other small farms, and when Mr. James Lord lost some sheep, it was convenient to throw the blame on Warby.

The True Colonist could not let the opportunity pass by of destroying a whole family.

However sheep stealing went on as before; and the other day the constables caught some men dressing sheep, with Mr. J. Lord's mark on the skins.

For all this poor Warby was previously blamed.

Three or four persons are now in custody.

It is hoped that the Government will restore Warby to his former situation.

It is remarkable, that the greatest sheep and cattle stealers in the Colony, make the most outcry, and generally against some poor prisoner, or Ticket-of leave man, so to draw suspicion from themselves.

It is much to be regretted that any portion of the Press should assist in destroying the weak and the defenceless.

From a Correspondent of Bent's News.