Holden - Australia's Own Car

31 January 1949 The Tumut and Adelong Times

This first public display of Holden is the climax of nearly four years of intense and concentrated effort involving an expenditure of several millions of pounds. We at General Motors are proud of Holden; we believe it is a really good car and we hope that you, the people of Australia, will agree with our opinion. 

We think that if you list all you want in a new car to-day, you'll find Holden has most of the answers. You'll find the styling you want for this streamlined age.

You'll find just the size you want in a new design.

Aerobilt body that uses the wheelbase more scientifically to give ample leg and head room for 5 or 6. You'll find a deep satisfaction with this engine's 6-cylinder acceleration and power.

You'll find the economy you want too - many more miles to the gallon than you would normally expect from such a lively power plant.

You'll find comfort and safety, high speed and easy handling.

You'll find life, action and thrills.

You'll find that no car has been more expertly designed to suit a country's needs than Holden has for Australia.

It is a car made in Australia, for Australia. Holden has a unique combination of features here are some of the highlights. New-design Aerobilt body for roominess without unnecessary bulk ...   overhead valve 6-cylinder engine for performance plus economy ... independent front wheel springing for levelling out rough roads . . . 3-speed synchromesh gears for easy changing . . . modern styling that is smart without being extreme.  

It's a really roomy car.

Aerobilt construction is new in Australian body building, and by elimination of the conventional chassis it permits u better "room-to-wheelbase" ratio as well as extra strength,    

It' an economical car.

Holden gives full throated 6-cylindcr acceleration speed and power and yet is as economical as many a smaller car. Automobile Club Club figures will be published as soon as they are available.

It's a great car investment.

General Motors have produced a car which is great judged by world standards. And as far as value is concerned just compare how much you get for the price you pay.  

There is an Air Chief '5' Radio with 6-inch speaker especially developed and designed for Holden.

Convenient hire-purchase terms are available through G.M.A.C., General Motors own finance company.           

Holden will be on view in our showrooms at an early date 

W. H FULLER & SON, Tumut.  

 E. J. YOUNG, Adelong.