Horrible Murder at Tarabandra

16 September 1852 Freeman's Journal

Intelligence has just been received at the Crown Lands Head Quarters, Tumut, through the Tumut blacks, by Mr. M'Kenzie, the Crown Lands Commissioner, for the Murrumbidgee District, of the most diabolical murder of a half-caste girl, named Sally M'Leod, by an Aboriginal named ' Yarree,' or ' Coonong Denamundinna,' son of Bobby King, of Adelong country.

The girl was about 16 years of age, and possessed considerable personal attractions. Spoke  English well, and was baptized in infancy.

She roved about occasionally with the blacks, under protection of her uncle, one of the Tumut tribe, but more generally at the residences of the white settlers who were kind to her.

It appears that Yarre decoyed her away to be his 'Gin' but repenting of the act, or disgusted with him, she made her escape, with a view to reach Darbalara, where she had always met a kind home; when the murderer overtook her below Tarabandra, on the Tumut, and satiated his revenge, by her murder. 

The blacks having described to Mr. M'Kenzie where Yarree had buried his unfortunate victim, (under a tea tree in a tea tree scrub) about 15 miles below head quarters.

Mr. M'Kenzie at once started with his sable friends to exhume the body for identification, &c, notwithstanding the really dreadful state of the weather and flooded state of the country, and has, besides, issued warrants for the apprehension of the murderer in every possible direction even as far as Yass, out of his district by which prompt and energetic measures there can remain little doubt but that Yarree will ere long be in safe keeping.

The girl was the daughter of Mr. M'Leod, of the Tumut district, who is at present in Argyle, with Mr. Hindmarsh, buying bullocks for the Melbourne market.

Goulburn Herald.