Hovell Charged with Stealing

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

21 April 1835

Sydney Quarter Sessions. (Before the Chairman and James Mudie Esq.) Summary Jurisdiction.

William Hovell was placed at the Bar, charged with stealing a quantity of one pound notes and a sovereign, the property of Doctor Neilson.

Dr. Neilson sworn - On the 21st February, about 5 in the evening, I enclosed four one pound notes and a sovereign, in a note, to Mr. Ebden, and placed them on the top of a sheet almanack;

I went out on business, and missed the note and money directly I carne back, which was about 7 in the evening; there was no one but my wife in the house that could have taken it; the prisoner knew there was money in the letter, as I told him so.

Mary Neilson sworn - On the 21st of March 1 remember Mr. Neilson enclosing 5 in a note to Mr. Ebden, which letter Mr. Neilson put behind a sheet almanack over the mantlepiece in the parlour;

Mr. Neilson was called out on business and I had occasion to go out of the room tor 5 minutes, during which time the prisoner passed through the room;

I did not miss either the note or money till Mr. Neilson told me it was gone;

no one but the prisoner could have taken the note, as it must have been taken during my absence from the room for about five minutes, in the course of which time I am positive prisoner went into the room.

James Smith sworn - I remember on the evening of the 21st March, the Doctor came in from visiting a patient, and he said he had missed a letter with money in it;

a woman came in first after Mr. Neilson had come in;

she was not in the room alone for a moment.

Guilty, Remanded.