Hovell Lecturer in Physical Geography and Geology

Australian Town and Country Journal

23 June 1877

On Saturday the annual commemoration of the Sydney University took place in the great hall of the institution, in the presence of a large and brilliant assemblage ......

The Chancellor read the following address .... [in part]

"The Hovell Lecturer. In consequence of the decease of Mrs, Hovell, to whose enlightened liberality the University is indebted for the munificent bequest which she has made of her landed property at and near Goulburn, the income arising therefrom has now become available, and the Senate, in order to carry out these wishes and intentions of the testatrix, have appointed Mr. Archibald Liversidge, the Professor of Geology and Mineralogy, to be the 'Hovell Lecturer in Physical Geography and Geology,' in memory of her late husband, Mr. William Hovell.