Hovell & Hume Journals

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

29 December 1825

The journal of Messrs. Hovell and Hume of a Journey From Sydney To Western Port. Messrs. Hovell and Hume, during this interesting Journey, kept seperate and independent Journals.

The object observed by the Editor, in the Execution of this little Work is to embody in it every fact or observation found in those Journals elucidated, wherever the Brevity of the Originals appears productive of Obscurity, with such explanatory Additions as exhibit a clear, a useful, and interesting view of those hitherto unexplored regions which it describes.

Names of subscribers to this work will be received at the offices of the Sydney Gazette and the Australian, and the Counting-house of Messrs. Berry and Wollstonecraft.