Hume and Hovell attend Meeting

The Sydney Herald

3 October 1833

A meeting of Gentlemen, Graziers, and others, residinging the Districts of Appin, Minto, and Cook, having been convened to take into consideration the alarming extent to which Depredations on Horned Cattle and other Stock have been lately carried, and to devise means to prevent the same.

John Coghill, Esq., J. P., in the Chair. The following Resolutions were unanimously agreed to:-

lst. Moved by Mr. Hovell, seconded by Mr. Moore.

That the document (vide below), now read, and to which Subscribers' names are affixed, be considered the basis on which this Association is established.

2nd. Moved by Mr. Hamilton Hume, and seconded by Mr. Clements.

That the business connected with this Association be conducted by a Committee of five Members, including the Secretary and Treasurer, and that the following Gentlemen be requested to act as such, for the term of twelve months; viz. : John Coghill, Esq., Treasurer; William E. Riley, Esq., Secretary; Thomas Wills, Esq.; Joseph Thompson, Esq.; W. H. Hovell, Esq.

3rd. Moved by Mr. Moore, and seconded by Mr. Wills.

That an order from the Secretary on the Treasurer, for the payment of any sum of money, to any person who has prosecuted to conviction any offender against any of the Members of this Association, shall be a sufficient warrant to the Treasurer to pay the same.

4th. Moved by Mr. Chisholm, and seconded by Mr. Dutton.

That each Member pay into the hands of the Treasurer One Pound sterling, towards creating a Fund for the payment of Rewards.

5th. Moved by Mr. Wills, and seconded by Mr. Hovell.

That the Secretary be empowered, by the direction of the Committee, to call on each Subscriber for a further deposit in the hands of the Treasurer, of such sum or sums of money, not exceeding the annual subscription of 5 each, to enable the Treasurer to meet such demands as may be made on him from time to time, by the Secretary, for the payment of rewards.

6th. Moved by Captain Thompson, and seconded by Mr. H. Hume.

That any Member neglecting to pay, or not causing to be paid to the Treasurer, the amount of any call made by the Secretary, agreeably to the last resolution, within one month after notice to that effect, will be considered as having forfeited all claim to the protection of this Association, and his name will be struck off the list accordingly.

7th. Moved by Mr. Dutton, and seconded by Captain Coghill.

That Persons wishing to become Members of this Association, be invited to send their subscriptions and names to any one of the Committee.

8th. Moved by Mr. Wills, and seconded by Mr. J. J. Moore.

That the Secretary, at the request in writing of any three Members of the Association, be empowered to call a General Meeting of the Subscribers.

9th. Moved by Mr. Hovell, and seconded by Mr. Hamilton Hume.

That the proceedings of this Meeting be published in two of the Public Journals.

(Signed), John Coghill. Campbell Town, 21st Sept., 1833.

We, whose names are subscribed to this document, having for sometime past, experienced great Depredations on Homed Cattle and Horses in the immediate vicinity of our residences, have, with the view of checking the growing evil, and apprehending offenders, formed ourselves into a Society, for the better security of each other's property.

We therefore, pledge ourselves individually, to pay, or cause to be paid, when called on so to do, such sum or sums of money, to the amount of Five Pounds annually, for the purpose of Rewards, to be given to such person or persons, not exceeding Ten Pounds, for each and every conviction of the offender or offenders, for either Horse, Gelding, Mare, or Foal, and Cattle of every description; viz_Bull, Ox, Steer, Cow, Heifer, or Calf, which comes within the meaning of this indenture, the property of the subscribing parties hereinafter named; but, if it shall appear to the satisfaction of the Committee of this Association, that any offender or offenders, arc convicted by any person or persons, under the supposition, that the Horse, Gelding, Mare, Foal, Bull, Ox, Steer, Cow, Heifer, or Calf, was the property of any one or more of the undersigned, and that it proved otherwise; in such case, the person or persons who have prosecuted the offender or offenders to conviction, shall be entitled to receive half the amount of the aforesaid Reward of Ten Pounds. (Signed,)

John Coghill, Kirkham;

W. E. Riley, Raby;

Thomas Wills,

Varro Ville;

Francis Mowatt, Narellan;

Thomas Hassall, Denbigh;

J. J. Moore, Cabramatta;

W. H. Dutton, Kirkham;

George Blackett, Collingwood;

Robt. Cartwright, Liverpool;

William Sherwin, Parramatta;

W. H. Hovell, Molle's Mains;

James Chisholm, Jun., St. Andrew's;

William Cordeaux, Lippington;

Robert Jenkins, Eagle Vale; J

ames Hassall, Matavia;

Joseph Thompson, Liverpool;

Hanbury Clements,

Harrington Park;

Hamilton Hume, Appin;

Patrick Hill, Liverpool;

William Shelly, Parramatta;

Alexander Kinghorne, Liverpool.