Importance of Tumut Road Urged

30 May 1958 The Canberra Times

The opening of the Goodradigbee River bridge at Brindabella was an event of great significance to Canberra, Mr. P. D. Day said last night.

Mr. Day, a member of the A.C.T. Advisory Council, attended the ceremony.

"When a road to match the bridge is built right through," he said, "the distance between Canberra   and the rich food resources of the Tumut Valley will be nearly halved.

"While the attraction of the road to the coast is obvious enough to those who can afford 200-mile week-end trips, I think a direct road to Tumut would be vastly more important in terms of better and cheaper food supplies for all the people of Canberra.

"I shall continue to do my part in urging the Commonwealth to contribute towards the construction of the road, because it would mean a great deal to Canberra."