In The Old Days When Mingay was 'Minghee'

22 April 1926 The Gundagai Independent and Pastoral, Agricultural and Mining Advocate

Here is an excerpt of the early days a record entered over 90 years ago:-

'Cattle and sheep stations now extend for some distance down the Murrumbidgee, probably as much as 50 miles.

The following is a list of them, commencing from below Mr. Warby's farm at Darbylara, proceeding down the stream:-

The first station is 'Minghee,' belonging to Mr. Warby sr.,;

2 miles beyond, 2nd station, 'Gundagiar,' Mr. Hutchison;

5 miles, 3rd station, 'Willieplumer,' Mr. Stuckey;

4 miles, 4th station, 'Kimo', Mr. Guise;

3 miles, 5th station, 'Wadjego,' Mrs. Jenkins;

4 miles, 6th station, 'Nanghas,' Mr. J. McArthur;

8 miles, 7th station, 'Jabtre,' Mr. Ellis;

9 miles, 8th station, 'Wandubadjere,' Mr. Thorn;

10 miles, 9th station. 'Kubandere,' Mr. Thompson;

10 miles, 10th station, 'Rilling Hilling,' Mr. H. McArthur.


The natives' names of that part of the country where the stations are situated have been retained.

The distance in miles is nominal.

The family at Darbylara are generally industriously employed in making butter and cheese, which is ta-ken to Sydney for sale.

They possess numerous herds of cattle.

Formerly flocks of sheep were kept about the farm; but from great losses being sustained among them, from a morbid propensity of destroying their progeny they were given up, and more attention paid to this as a dairy farm, for which purpose no better land could be selected.