James (sic) Ryan, V.C. Wants A Job 

13 December 1929 The Dubbo Liberal and Macquarie Advocate

In its last issue the 'Gilgandra  Weekly' takes up the cudgels, on behalf of Ryan V.C., who battles about the district looking for a permanent job.    

 Appropriately the paper, quoted the City Press on the occasion of the recent visit of the V.C.'s to Sydney last  month, when they were feted by the good old Governor.  

"Women clamored over themselves to touch his uniform, men of all ages struggled to clasp his hand and raised their hats to him and the remark was freely made that 'Australia should never forget such men.'  

The guzzle was soon over, and more than one of the V.C. heroes returned to the ranks of the unemployed.

Ryan returned to the West, and is at present in Gilgandra. He would like to hear of a steady job. 'I need no cushy collar,' he says, 'steady work on farm or station is what I want, and I'll stick it once I get a chance.

I get short reliefs, but nothing permanent, and I'm sick of padding the hoof looking for it.'   A message to any district paper will find Ryan, he is 39, and a humorous cuss, but should make an honest toiler and descent workman.