European Wasp Warning

January 14, 2000 The Rural News

People living in districts surrounding Canberra were last week warned to keep watch for dangerous European wasps this summer.

ACT Urban Services Minister Brendan Smyth said despite efforts to eradicate the pest from the region, the wasp was still a problem.

The CSIRO, based in Canberra, has worked with the ACT government to provide advice on how to deal with the wasps, Mr Smyth said.

He urged people to report nests to professional pest control agents.

The wasps are known for heir painful sting and can sting repeatedly, unlike bees.

Mr Smyth said they were often attracted to sweet drinks and food, especially fruit, fish, meat, sugar and water in hot weather.

People with fruiting trees should also watch for them.

"If a nest is discovered, have it destroyed as soon as possible," Mr Smyth said.