Joseph Lambert in fatal accident

Australian Town and Country Journal

14 January 1903

A fatal accident happened to Mr. Joseph Lambert, owner of East Blowering Station, twelve miles from Tumut.

On Saturday night Mr. Lambert was in town till a late hour, and he proceeded home on horseback.

On Sunday morning, a daughter noticed a horse feeding near the homestead, and on a search being made the rider was found unconscious in the river bed, beneath a cliff 30 feet high.

He never regained sensibility, and died on Sunday night.

The spot where he was found is 50 yards from the stable, and it is presumed, in accordance with the tracks made by the horse, and from the fact that one ring of the bit in the bridle was broken that the animal had bolted past the stable.

The rider must have lost control of the horse on account of the bridle breaking, and have been thrown over the cliff, and his skull fractured on the rocks below.

The coroner held an inquest on Monday and the jury returned a verdict of accidental death.

Deceased was 56 years of age, and leaves a wife and a large family.

He was well known and esteemed throughout the whole district.


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