Kiandra Road Meeting

Empire, Sydney

12 June 1860

The polling for the Tumut, according to the Adelong Journal, closed as follows: Deniehy, 118; Egan, 54.

A new writ will, therefore have to be issued.

At the meeting at the Tumut Court House, with reference to the Kiandra road, the following petition to the Governor-General and the Executive Council was adopted:

1. That your petitioners are warranted in asserting that a very large population will shortly be added to the numbers already located at the continuous Kiandra gold-flelds; that the newly-surveyed townships at Talbingo and Yarrangobilly are being occupied by parties anxiously awaiting the proclamation of a land sale.

2. That it is incumbent on the Government to adopt every available means in order to secure to the colony the advantages likely to acrue from this discovery, which can in no manner be more effectually accomplished than by facilitating the transit of supplies to the mining population.

3. That the formation of a direct line of road from Tumut to Kiandra, would be fraught with incalculable benefit to the whole of the Southern Districts and the colony at large.

4. That Mr. District Surveyor Adams has succeeded in marking out a line of road traversing a country eminently adapted for agricultural purposes, offering but few obstructions, which at a trifling outlay of about £3000, could b rendered accessible for drays carrying the ordinary amount of tonnage.

5. That the central position of Tumut between the Adelong and Kiandra gold fields, commanding the direct route from the important pastoral and mining districts, of the southern and western portions of New South Wales, the contemplated establishment of postal and telegraphic intercourse with Kiandra, and its unbounded agricultural resources, at once point out the advantages to be derived from speedy and uninterrupted communion.

6. That your petitioners respectfully refer to the recent land sales held at Tumut in the months of March and April, at which land to the amount of near £8000 was disposed of, thus evidencing the growing importance of the district, and its paramount claim on the consideration of the Government,

7. That your petitioners humbly pray that your Excellency and the Executive Council will be pleased to take these premises into your favourable consideration, and authorise a sum of money to be appropriated for the immediate construction of a road between Tumut and Kiandra, convinced that it will eventually tend to the development of the immense auriferous resources of the district; and, by the opening of now lands, to the future concentration of an already numerous and increasing population.

And your petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray.

 F. W. Vyner, Chairman on behalf of the petitioners.

 Court-house, Tumut, May 31st, 1860.