Land Grants

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

26 August 1820

Surveyor General's Office, Sydney, 25th August, 1820 Notice is hereby given, that Grants and Leases to the undermentioned Persons, will be ready for Delivery at this Office, on Monday, September 4; and Persons who do not apply for their Grants within one Month from that Date, will be considered as having relinquished all Claim to the Land measured to them: the Grants will consequently be cancelled and allotted to such Persons having Orders for Land, as may make Applications for the same.

John Anderson, Thomas Acres, Thomas Adams, William Aspinall, Richard Alcorn, John Austen, H. C. Antill, and Thomas Moore, Esquires, Robert Bostock, Thomas Brown, William Bateman, William Blackman, William Bowman, sen. William Bowman, jun. George Bowman, John Brabyn, Esq. William Burgin, George Barnett, Samuel Blackman, Robert Bolton, Thomas Blackett, William Barnett, James Byrne, John Butcher, John Coleman, Andrew Coss, George Carr, William Craft, William Coomb, William Clark, William Carter, George Cribb, Thomas Cosgrove, Michael Conroy, Colebee, (Black Native), Daniel Clarke, John Cupitt, William Cupitt, William Cossar, Mr. Robert Campbell, George Core, John Coogan, William Cosgrove, George Collesse, Henry Davis, John Donnelly, William Davis, William Dean, Frederick Dixon, Samuel Dent, Thomas Douglas. Lachlan Doyle. James Darbyshire, Roger Doyle, Philip Devine, William Dean, William Dean, William Duckett, James Duff, William Dye, James Everett, Rowland Edwards, Samuel Fair, Peter Finnamore, John Fenton, Richard Farrington, William Fairburn, Edward Field, jun. Richard Freeman, Samuel Freeman, William Farrell, John Freeman, Mr. Richard Fitzgerald, Daniel Geary, Thomas Gorman, Frederick Garling, Esq. Edward Gould, John Grover, Thomas Green, John Goldsmith, George Guest, William Hill, Samuel Haynes, Richard Hicks, James Hayes, James Horse, Mr. R. Howe, Mrs. Sarah Howe, James Hart, John Harris, Esq. John Harris. Esq. John Harris Esq. Patrick Hoy, Mr. William Hutchinson, John Harris, Hamilton Hume, Samuel Haslam, Edmund Hobson, Sir John Jamieson, Knt. Benjamin Jamison, Mr. John Jaques, Mr William Johnston, Francis Kenney, Mr Henry Kitchen, Joseph Kearnes John Kennedy, James Leek, William Lawson, Esq. Paul Loutherbo rough, John Leadbetter, jun John Liquorish, Andrew Loder, Robert Lowe, Esq. Francis Lloyd, John Lamb, William Lane, Mr Daniel Dering, Mathew, Wiliam Marson, William Mahoney, Sarah Middleton, Daniel Millar, Edward McGee, John Murphy, Michael May, Bernard Moran. Mr. Joshua John Moore, Alary Marshall, Julia McNally, James Morris, Denis Molloy, Joseph McLaughlin, Peter McAlpin, Giles William Moore, Thomas McGuire, James McGrath, Thomas McDougal, John Norman, James O'Neal, Matthew Pearce, George Percival, Richard Partridge, jun. George Panton Esq, William Pawson, George Pashley, jun. John Palfrey, Thomas Quinn. Henry Rolfe, Stephen Richardson, John Randall, Jacob Russel, Jacob Russel, jun. James Ridley, James Richard, William Ragan, John Riley, Richard Rouse, Richard Rouse, Richard Rouse, John Roper, William Sykes, George Simpson, Alfred Sims, John Smith. Thomas Styles, Henry Stockfish. George Smith, Timothy Sheady. Robert Sherringham John Stephenson, James Smith, James Smith, William Shedworth, George Stanbury. James Stuart, James Sherrard, Thomas Slaven, Charles Stuart, John Small, James Smith, John Smith, William Shelly, Walter Thompson, Edward Tutty, Daniel Tindall, jun. Andrew Thompson, Mr. Samuel Terry. Doctor Townson, John Tonks Thomas Upton, Antonio Vitrio, James Watson, Major West. John Williams, James Wilshire, John White, John Wood, Sylvanus Williams, William West, George Wilson, George Williams, James Wilbow jun. James Wright, Henry York. Charles York.


 Thomas Abbott, John Blakefield, Serjeant Jonas Bradley, James Bull, William Biggs, Thomas Beams, Owen Connor, Farrel Cuffe, Patrick Cullen, John Davis, John Graham. John Harris, William Hibberd, John Jeffreys, Catherine Johnston, John Dawrie, Serjeant George Lodar, James Lane, Hugh McAvoy, John Manning, James Morris, Mary Moore, Thomas Massey, Richard Palmer, James Phelan, Mary Skinner, J. H. Stroud, Mary Stafford, William Thomas, William Trigg, George Woodhead, John Wood, John Jones.


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