Lands Commissioners (outside the boundaries of location) Named

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

13 May 1837

His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to appoint the undermentioned Gentlemen to be Commissioners of Crown Lands in the Colony of New South Wales, under the Provisions of the Acts of the Governor and Council 4 William IV. No. 10, and 5 William IV. No. 12. and to execute the duties required by the 7 William IV. No. 4, and the Regulations founded thereon, contained in the Government Order of the 1st of October, 1836, in the following Districts beyond the Boundaries of Location ; viz.

John Lambie, Esq. District No. 1, comprising the ground occupied by stations adjacent to the Counties of St. Vincent and Murray, keeping the right bank of the Murrumbidgee, but extending over the whole of the District known by the name of Monaroo Plains,

Evelyn Pitfield Shirley Sturt, Esq. District No, 2, comprising the Country beyond the Murrumbidgee, bounded by the left bank thereof, and being conterminous on the east by District No.1, as far as may be necessary to embrace all parts occupied. Head Quarters Yass.

John Cameron Welman, Esq. District No. 3, comprising the Country adjacent to the County of King, having for the boundary to the southward the right bank of the Murrumbidgee, as far as any stations extend down that river, and bounded on its right by the left bank of the River Lachlan. Head Quarters-Yass.

Laurence Vance Dalhunty, Esq. District No 4, comprising the Country adjacent to the Counties of Bathurst and Wellington, between the Rivers Lachlan and Maquarie. Head Quarters -Wellington Valley.

Henry Bingham Esq. District No. 6, comprising the country adjacent to the County of Bligh, as bounded on one side by the Macquarie River, and on the north by the Liverpool Range, as it extends to Warrabangle Range. Head Quarters - Cassilis.

Alexander Paterson, Esq. District No. 6, comprising the country adjacent to the County of Brisbane, including Liverpool Plains and the stations to the northward of it, on all waters flowing into Peel's River and the Nammoy. Head Quarters - Jerry's Plains.

Henry Oakes, Esq. District No, 7, comprising the oountry northward of the County of Gloucester, including Port Macquarie and all the waters falling towards the Eastern Coast. Head Quarters - Port Macquarie.

By His Excellency's Command, E. Deas Thomson.

Commissioners Named 13 May 1837

The Colonial Government have appointed the following gentlemen Commissioners of Crown Lands without the boundaries of location: John Lambie, E. P. S. Sturt, J. C. Welman, L. V. Dalhunty, Henry Bingham, A. Patterson, and H. Oakes, Esquires.

They are to execute the duties required by the 7th Wm. IV., No. 4, and the regulations contained in the Government order of the 1st October, 1836.