Lands Granted, Shoalhaven

Empire, Sydney

11 January 1860

Parliamentary Paper.

Lands Granted in the Police District of Shoalhaven.

A Return of all land granted in the Police District of Shoalhaven, to whom granted, for what public service granted, together with the area of said grants, distinguishing the lands granted as unprofitable swamps.

Grants primay or additional, or as marriage portions, or for the maintenance of convicts under the then existing regulations (without service).

Bland W., 1000 acres; only part in the Police district (primary.)

Bourke J., now Berry, A., 2560 acres; primary grant.

Berry and Wolstoncroft, 10,000 acres; for the mainte nance of convicts, 1350 acres; (unprofitable swamp).

Hamilton Hume, now Berry Alexander, 112 acres; forming a grant of 1200 acres to Hamilton Hume.

Berry Alexander, 200 acres; primary grant.

Hamilton Hume, now Berry Alexander, 1088 acres forming grant of 1200 acres to Hamilton Hume.

Campbell Thomas, 1280 acres; additional grant.

Da Mestre P., 1300 acres; primary grant.

Dutton H. P., 2500 acres; additional grant.

Elyard W., senior, 1560 acres; additional grant.

Farmer James, 2560 acres; primary grant.

Glanville Richard, 320 acres; primary grant,

Glanvilla Richard, 330 acres  additional grant.

Hawdon John, 2500 acres; primary grant.

Kendall the Rev. T., 1280 acres; primary grant.

Lambert Robert, 2500 acres; additional grant.

Lamb John, 2560 acres; as a retired officer of the Royal Navy.

Macleay Alexander, 2560 acres; primary grant.

Morris W. T., now S. Stephen, 1920 acres; primary grant.

Rutter Miss., Hindmarsh Mrs, 100 acres; as a marriage portion.

Rutter Miss C., now Kendall Mrs. T., 100 acres; as a murringe portion.

Richardson J. G., now Berry A., 2560 acres; primary grant; only part of this in the police district.

Reiby Mary, 800 acres; two grants of 100 and 700 acres respectively; (primary).

Stephen Sydnoy, 3500 aores; primary grant.

Stephen Sydney, 2560 acres; additional grant.

Thomson, E. Deas, 3560 acres; primary grant.

Wetherman William, now Berry A., 600 acres; primary grant.