Lands for Pasturage

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

27 January 1805

Where as it is necessary, for the preservation and increase of the breeding stock, that portion of land should be received adjoining those districts where a number of settlers have been fixed in small allotments bounded by others.

And it being impracticable to locate larger allotments to all who now possess, or may hereafter possess stock: In order to secure to their use pasturage for rearing and maintaining cattle and sheep, His Excellency has deemed it expedient to allot by Grant under His Majesty, certain portions of grazing lands here under stated; such lands to be held and used by the inhabitants of the respective Districts, as Common Lands are held and used in that part of Great Britain called England.

The instruments will be made out in the name of three persons residents in each District, who are named by the rest, and approved by the Governor.

The boundaries and distribution of the said common lands are as follow:

Nelson District, in Mulgrave Place—from the S. E. corner of Mr. Thomas Arndell's farm on Caddi Creek in a S. 8 ° w. line to the Hawkesbury Road : the other boundaries limited and defined by the east side of the Hawkesbury road, and farms on the south side of the Hawkesbury River to Caddi Creek, which have been granted up to this date containing 5650 acres, more or less.

Richmond Hill District, in Mulgrave Place - south boundary is a straight line from the N. W. corner of John Smith's farm to the S. W. corner of Webb's farm, on Yellow Munday's Lagoon; the other boundaries limited and defined by the farms granted up to this date on the South side of the Hawkesbury River, and on both sides of the South Creek to the Hawkesbury Road - containing 5130 acres, more or less.

Phillip District, in Mulgrave Place - bounded on the west by a north line of 297 chains from the N. W. corner of Lot No. 38; on the north by an east line of 413 chains to the back of Lot No. 243; and on the east and south by farms granted up to this date - containing 6150 Acres, more or less.

Prospect Hill District, including Toongabbee and the West side of Seven Hills Road -a lease for 14 years-west from the corner of Jones's Lease 170 chains: south to the main line of the Government Allotment 553 chains; then east to Owen Martin's s. w. corner 100 chains; and east by the farms of Prospect granted up to this date - containing 9345 acres, more or less.

Baulkham Hills and Northern Boundaries -A Lease for 14 years; bounded on the North by a line E. 12° N. 112 chains; on the South by a line S. 15° E. 130 chains; on the S.E. by a line S. 35° W. to a Creek which is the boundary to Lot No. 96; and on the West by a line N. 4 ° W. to the corner of Lot No. 90; then by Allotments granted up to this date-containing 3880 acres more or less.

Field of Mars and Eastern Farms -- A Grant; from the N. E. corner of Lot No. 62. Eastern Farms; bounded by Lane Cove and a line to Government Allotment No. 2, of 110 chains; on the south and west sides by the Government and other Allotments granted up to this date in the Field of Mars and Eastern Farms containing 5050 acres, more or less.