Last Week's Bush Fires

10 January 1905 The Riverine Grazier (Hay, NSW) 

In the Murrumbidgee Valley.

The Big Stations Burnt.

The extent of the fire in the Murrumbidgee Valley is perhaps best gathered from the list given below of the big pastoral properties which have suffered damage (writes the special reporter of the Daily Telegraph under last Wednesday's date from Gundagai).

The stations extend from the southern railway line to beyond Tumut.

A rough idea of the damage caused by the fire is given in each instance.

The list is as follows :-

Eunonyhareenyha Grass and fences destroyed.

Oura (G. J. Mulhollautl): Grass and fences and outbuildings.

Wantabadgery (Claude Macdonald : All river frontages burnt out.

Tenandra Park (Jas. Beveridge): Grass and fences destroyed.

Nangus (J. and W. J. McKinney): A few stock and woolshed, all glass, except 5000 acres, burnt, and some damage to fences.

Kimo (Jas. Robinson): A few stock, fencing, and nearly the whole of the grass burnt.

Yabtree (R. F. L. Horsley): The whole upper end burned right out.

Mundarlo (Wmn. Bootes) and Bangus (Wm. Bootes): Grass and fences burnt.

Deltroit (Wm. Richardson): Grass and fences burnt.

Willie Ploma (A. B. Triggs): Cattle yards, stock, fences and grass burnt.

Happy Valley (J. R. Derrick): Grass and fences burnt.

Mount Horeb (A. W. Crain): Wool shed, part of main building, valuables in cellar, and almost the whole of the grass and fences burnt.

Tarcutta (T. H. Mate and Co.): Grass and fences burnt.

Shockaroo (C. D. Bardell): Grass and fences burnt.

Tarrabandara (M'Evoy Brothers): Grass and fences burnt.

Eurobin (Edwin Brennan): Burnt out grass, fences, and buildings.

Gocup (S. Gordons): Grass, fences, and some stock burnt.

Brungle (Guy and Lynch): Buildings, grass, fences, and some stock burnt.

Mount Adrah (Irvin Crain): Some stock, fences, and grass.

Green-hills (Mrs. J. B. Sharp): Burnt right out, buildings and home-stead, and some stock.

Ellerslie (Petersoni and Sargood): Woolshed, vehicles, grass, aud fences burnt.

Bombowlee (Dalgety and Co.): Stock, fences, and grass burnt.

Rosebank (Isaac Brothers): Grass, fences, and dairy stock burnt.

Mingay (Sandy Falls (P. J. O'Donnell): Grass and fencing burnt out.

Muttama (A. B. Triggs): Grass and fencing burnt.

Gobarralong (Crow brothers): 5000 acres of grass and fences burnt.

Rosehill (Mainwaring Brothers): Grass and fences burnt.

Coggin Brothers: Grass and fences burnt.

Parkley, Hillas Creek (Mr. B. Dennis): All grass burnt, fencing and few stock destroyed.

Numberless smaller settlers whose properties were situated in the same line of country have also been burnt out, but it would be impossible to get an exact list of them at present. Particulars of many of them have been given in previous messages.