Leases of Crown Lands Beyond the Settled Districts.

9 October 1847 The Sydney Morning Herald 

Colonial Secretary's Office,    

Sydney, October 7, 1847. Leases of Crown Lands Beyond The Settled Districts.

1.-His Excellency the Governor, in reference to his Proclamation of this date, publishing Her Majesty's Order in Council, regulating the occupation of waste lands of the Crown within this colony, deems it proper to caution the licensed occupants of waste lands of the Crown beyond the settled districts, that the rights conferred on them by the 11th section of c(h)ap. II. of the Regulations, must be exercised within the periods in that section prescribed, by relation to the date of the Proclamation above referred to, publishing the said Order in Council.

2.-The applications must be lodged in the office of the Colonial Secretary, in Sydney, if the lands for which the lease is applied for be Situated within, the Sydney or Middle District; or of his Honor the Superintendent at Melbourne, if within the Southern or Port Phillip District; and in order to preserve uniformity, the applicants will be required to use the printed forms-copies of which may be obtained from the Commissioners of Crown Lands beyond the settled districts, as well as at the office of the Superintendent at Melbourne, and at this office.

3.-All such applications must set forth the names and clear descriptions of the runs applied for, and of the boundaries of the same, as prescribed with respect to new runs, by the 13th section of chap. II. of the Order in Council. In such descriptions it will be necessary to refer to leading geographical features, and marked or determined boundary lines, as well as to the names of the occupants of adjacent lands, and to give the length and general direction of the several boundary Lines with reasonable certainty; and also to state the supposed extent of the runs, and the number of sheep, or equivalent number of cattle, which each run may be estimated as capable of carrying.

4.-An abstract of all applications received will, from time to time, be published in the New South Wales Government Gazette or Port Phillip Government Gazette, for the information   of all parties concerned.

5.-Persons who object to the claims of others, either wholly or in part, as comprising lands to the lease of which they may conceive themselves entitled, are recommended to lodge in the office of the Colonial Secretary, or Superintendent of Port Phillip, caveats referring to I such claims, and specifying the lands to which,, their objections extend, and the, grounds on which they prefer their claims to the same.  

6.-It will be impossible that, the issue of leases should take place immediately on demands being made for them. In many cases the Government may not be able until the end of the year 1848, to determine whether the particular runs applied for will be included in the intermediate or unsettled districts, and in all

cases it will be necessary to consider and decide on the claims of applicants - to verify the descriptions of the runs - and to estimate the number of sheep or cattle which each run will carry - and the rent accordingly to be paid. His Excellency, however, desires at the same time to intimate, that all practicable despatch will be used, for the purpose of putting the occupants of Crown Lands in possession of the   leases, to which they may be entitled under Her Majesty's declarations.

By His Excellency’s command,

E. Deas  Thomson.