Left Aboriginal Station Without Permission

Welfare Board Seeks Return of Two Aborigines

13 September 1949 The Tumut and Adelong Times 


The Aborigine Welfare Board made application to the Tumut Court last Thursday to have Frederick Freeman and Robert Brown returned to the Mission Station at Wreck Bay, near Jervis Bay. 

Mr. Mullins, secretary of the Board, appeared for the Board and, Mr. V. Paul looked after the interests of Freeman and Brown.   

At the conclusion of the evidence the S.M. (Mr. Finlay) said he would make no order in respect of Freeman and, acceding to a request by Mr. Paul, adjourned Brown's case for two months to enable him to obtain better accommodation.

Mr. Mullins said that both Freeman and Brown left Wreck Bay and came to Brungle without permission and at the present time there was not proper accommodation for them at Brungle. 

Trevelyn Butlin, supervisor at the Brungle Mission Station, said at the present time they could be accommodated there. Freeman now occupied a place previously occupied by Mrs. Collins, who had left the station. 

The place occupied by Brown was only a shack, with dirt floor and no water or sanitary arrangements. 

Mr. Paul told the Court that both men were working in the district and deserved to stay here as there was little or no work available at Wreck Bay