Legislative Assembly – Murrumbidgee Questions

8 November 1865 Empire (Sydney) 

Bridge at Gundagai.

Mr. Macleay asked the Secretary for Public Works-

1. When the contract was entered into for the Bridge over tho Murrumbidgee. at Gundagai?

2. What time was fixed for the completion of the contract?

3. Has any delay occurred in the execution of the work; and if so, from, what cause?

Mr. Smart replied-

1. On the 21st October, 1863.

2. The 21st October, 1865.

3. The work was delayed in consequence of the failure of the Fitzroy Iron Works Company to fulfil their contract; and also from the difficulty in carriage on account of the late drought.

Clearing the Murrumbidgee.

Mr. Macleay asked the Secretary for Public Works Is it the intention of the Government to place any sum on the Estimates for the ensuing year for clearing and otherwise improving the navigation of the Murrumbidgee?

Mr. Smart said on the Estimates of 1864 the sum of £3000 was put down towards tho survey of the Darling and the Murrumbidgee. The survey of the Darling had not yet been completed; and no report had been received from tho Murrumbidgee.

When a report of the survey of the Murrumbidgee was received, the Government would be in a position to act on reliable data, and able to say whether they would clear or other-wise improve the river.