Legislative Council, The Floods At Gundagai

The Sydney Morning Herald

7 July 1852

Legislative Council. Tuesday, The Speaker took the Chair at half past three. Mr. M'leay, seeing the Hon. the Colonial Secretary in his place, begged to enquire whether the Government had received any official accounts relative to the late disastrous floods at Gundagai and in the valley of the Murrumbidgee, and if so, whether they had sent any instructions to the local magistracy in reference thereto?

The Colonial Secretary, in reply to the question of the Hon. gentlemam, begged to state that no offical accounts hand yet been received by the Governent of the disasters to which he had referred; but as there was no reason to doubt that the published accounts of the occurrence were authentic, the Government had forwarded directions to the bench of Magistrates and Commissioners of the district of Gundagai to enquire into the extent of loss of human life and property occasioned by the late floods and if possible to ascertain what was the extent of the damage done, and to afford relief to the sufferer in such cases as might appear necessity.

He had written that morning to the Commissioners both of the Murrumbidgee and Lachlan districts, conveying the necessary instructions.