Lower Murrumbidgee News
The Sydney Morning Herald
27 May 1846

Lower Murrumbidgee. May 11.

Great numbers of persons still continue to press out this way in search of stations, in the direction of the Edward, and upon the low country towards the junction of the Murrumbidgee and the Hume.

The frequent appearance of these expeditions gives proof of the high estimation in which the country to the southward and westward is held as a pastoral land, for many of the parties are from the northward, having left that quarter in consequence of the favourable report of this. Many speculators also pass with herds of cattle for the Adelaide market.

Although this sort of thing enlivens our general solitude, and calls our hospitality into pleasant exercise, it is productive of much inconvenience to us both from the injury to the runs by the passage of so much stock, and the influence exercised on our servants and wages generally.

The latter is advancing to a height which threatens speedily to annihilate, or at the least, most injuriously to curtail the income of the grazier, and unless some steps.